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Greyfriars Townscape Heritage Initiative, Leicester

Leicester City Council

Public realm strategy for historic quarter of the City Centre to provide a long-term vision for the THI area and the broader strategic goals of the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Council and the local community. The significance of the area has been greatly enhanced by the discovery of the grave of Richard III, leading to a number of ambitious developments aimed at celebrating the old town's character and making it more memorable and appealing.


The main aims of the public realm strategy were to:


  • Make the historic core of the city more legible;

  • Make the area more attractive and inviting to occupiers and visitors;

  • Stimulate economic growth by making the historic core more inviting for commercial investors and residential use;

  • Increase understanding and help people value Leicester's historic development;

  • Increase greater participation and understanding in conserving Leicester's historic environment; and

  • Improve the local heritage skills sector.


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