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Manchester Co-operative Head Office

Manchester Co-operative Society

Short-listed competition entry for the creation of a robust public realm around the new Head Office building, envisaged as being environmentally sensitive and creating a recognisable sense of place that engages with the neighbourhood, with the wider Manchester community and beyond. Our main approach comprised:


  • More effectively connecting the site to Victoria Station, Cathedral Gardens and the City Centre commercial core through bold public realm features;

  • Changed priority treatment to key streets, and complementary improvements to the Station frontage;

  • Inviting access and creating a lively new focus to the Listed Estates Square;

  • Providing for a range of leisure, cultural and amenity facilities, reinforcing the arrival experience to the HQ;

  • Integrating the remains of Arkwright’s Mill within the new public realm framework; and

  • Incorporating green technologies as medium term use for phased development sites.

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